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Selections from the Photographic Archive of Kosen Ohtsubo, Presented by Christian Kōun Alborz Oldham, and in cooperation with Kosen Ohtsubo, Ryusei-ha, and Empty Gallery

1. SAME?「青桐に何が起ったか?」 - SAME? “What Happened to the Chinese Parasol Tree?”
2. こんなふうにお風呂に入ってます - I am Taking a Bath like this / Feeling High
3. Untitled (Bamboo Brooms)
4. ケロイド人間 - Keloid Man
5. リンガ正月 - Linga New Year
6. One Day
7. Untitled
8. ロックンロール大根タワーI - Rock’n’roll Radish Tower I
9. 蓮一色立華 - Rikka of Lotus
10. Untitled (Steering Wheel Cover)
11. O氏の朝食 - Mr. O’s Breakfast
12. ぼたんまぼろし - Peony Illusion

Information Excerpt:

Kosen Ohtsubo is considered to be one of the most significant living practitioners of the art form of ikebana. While formally trained in electrical engineering from Tokyo Denki University, Ohtsubo rose to prominence in the world of ikebana due to his use of readily available materials such as vegetables and refuse. For decades, he served as the Headmaster’s Advisory Instructor of the Ryusei Ikebana School, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has presented his work and demonstrations of ikebana technique in such countries as India, Hong Kong, Spain, Holland, England, Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and the United States. Ohtsubo has had two major publications printed in 1981 and 1995.

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  1. Paid - Seattle, WA USA - July 23 - August 6, 2022

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